Nov. 24th, 2009 01:20 pm
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Have belly-flopped into a bit of lurg. Nothing dramatic and I should be back at the beer mines tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'm on the sofa with Maggie and a duvet. I've slept for a lot of the morning and may well snooze some more later.

I probably owe myself and you all a bit of a catch up. November is racing by but it seems an age since Sarah and I were up in Whitby, but it's less than 4 weeks. Whitby was a quiet one, but a fun one. The cabaret was excellent; as was the company at all stages.

All too soon it was back to work. I think the Beer Mines are one of the reasons I've not been on here. October and November are usually quieter times in the brewing business. Not for us; we've had a very very busy year and the pre-Christmas has hardly been noticeable. I've been working hard every day and that has been taking its toll. I've been picking up knocks every few days; a sure sign of my general tiredness. I'm also carrying a rotator-cuff injury in my right-shoulder. This has really reduced the strength and power available to me and made shifting barrels more difficult than normal. The beer must get through, and it has. Some highlights has included a new beer for Halloween - Witch's Brew; with a pump clip designed by Alex. It was the first time we'd marketed a beer for one event and boy was it a success. That added an extra 70 or so casks to my sales figures. We've also just launched another beer as part of our joint venture with Phipps. This time it's Ratliffe's Stout. I tasted this at the end of last week and it's lovely. A perfect balance of smokiness and sweetness with a very dark, ruby colour. Delicious!

There was another excursion in November; a weekend of fireworks in London. Lots of fun was had; carpets were surfed, cigars were smoked, lovely people were lovely, fireworks were aimed at balconies, fun fun fun! Must do it again soon, but in an angelic way ;@)
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